Who I am.

I’m Jabin King

(Pronounced Jay-bin)

Hello, I’ve been building websites professionally for over 10 years and I specialise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have tonnes of experience with React, Node.js, responsive design and interaction design and development. I’m known for having high attention to detail and high standards. I’m passionate about writing great code and have a thirst to learn new technologies.

I focus on all aspects of developing a site from the small to the big, from browser rendering and JavaScript execution speed—whether front or back end—to general interaction and user experience, bringing everything together to create something that works smoothly, quickly and is highly usable.

I’m also pretty creative outside of work too. I sketch now and then, and I love (trying) to play as many instruments as I can.

Technical Skills

HTML & CSS (SCSS, BEM) • JavaScript (ES6+) • Handlebars • React + React Hooks • Node.js + Express • REST APIs • PHP • Webpack • CI/CD Pipelines • OAUTH2 • WAI-ARIA • Git

The Team

Enjoying the perks of being able to work flexibly as well as enjoying a one-on-one experience with clients, I decided early on that I’d stay small and independent. The simplicity and involvement I enjoy comes from that decision.

“The team” is a close network of trusted people I’ve worked with who have excellent skills in various subjects and always deliver. We often collaborate on projects and pass work along. So if the project needs something that I personally can’t do, the chances are someone in “the team” can.


Take a look at some of the sketches I do on Instagram at Mugsketch or my website at mugsketch.com