Who I am.

I’m Jabin King

(Psst, I know you probably said “Jabbin”, but it’s pronounced Jay-bin)

Hello! I’m a front-end web developer and designer with over 8 years of professional experience. I’ve picked up a wide range of skills and best practises in development along the way as well as in user experience and design.

With high attention to detail, I deliver top quality work and have been developing excellent quality websites and apps for a range of devices for years.

I focus on all aspects of developing sites—from the small, such as browser rendering and JavaScript execution speed to make sure there’s no chance of a slow loading site; to the big, such as interaction and user experience—bringing everything together to create something beautiful.

I’m also pretty creative outside of work too. I sketch now and then, and I love (trying) to play as many instruments as I can.

The Team

Enjoying the perks of being able to work flexibly as well as a one-on-one experience with clients, I decided early on that I’d stay small and independent. The simplicity and involvement I enjoy comes from that decision.

“The team” is a close network of trusted people I’ve worked with who have some brilliant skills in various subjects and who deliver excellent work. We often collaborate on projects and pass work along. So if the project needs something that I personally can’t do, the chances are someone in “the team” can.

Technical Skills

All HTML, CSS and JavaScript is hand-coded. I rarely use templates or “white label” sort of code. This way the work I complete is bespoke and optimised for each specific project.

The CSS I write is in the BEM methodology (Block Element Modifier) so that components can easily be reused and shared. I use SCSS as a pre-processor. Please don’t look into the code for this website though… it’s old.

With JavaScript, I write ES6, 7 or 8 compiling with Babel and I’m very comfortable with creating React applications. I use Webpack to tie it all together. To keep in suite I’ll favour Node.js if I need to do any back-end work.

For design work, I’ll usually get a rough idea of layout by sketching on paper or a mock up tool, then continue either in-browser or move to Sketch or depending on the occasion, Adobe Illustrator.


After making a couple of sketches on paper of characters from Breaking Bad, I planned to sketch a character/celebrity each week. Well, each week was very optimistic, but you can see them at mugsketch.com.